Academic Work

Here is my resume of academic articles as of 2 April 2017:

1998    “Who was Responsible for the Assyrian King List?”, Abr-Nahrain 35: 1-27

2000    “Considering the Book of Qohelet Afresh”, Ancient Near Eastern Studies 37: 183-214

2002    “Wrestling as a Symbol of Maintaining the Order of Nature in Ancient Mesopotamian Art”, Journal of Ancient Near Eastern Religion 2: 1-26

2003    “Putative Akkadian Origins for Greek Words”, Antichthon 36 (2002): 54-64, (jointly written with I.D. Craigie)

“The Genre of Qohelet”, DavarLogos 2(2):123-138

2004    “The Ammonite Bottle and Ancient Flasks”, Ancient Near Eastern Studies, 40 (2003): 62-79

2005    “The Phoenician Inscription of Queen Bitnoam”, Ancient Near Eastern Studies, 42 (2005): 318-333

2006    “Ogga and Byblos 13”, Folia Orientalia, 40, (2004): 215-232

“Opinion Evidence of Sensations”, (2006) 28 Australian Bar Review 218-31

2007    “Was Child Sacrifice Practised in Phoenicia and Carthage?” (in Gilgameš and the World of Assyria)

“The Prerogative of Mercy” (2007) 1 Public Space*

“Human Dignity, Relativism and Euthanasia Law” (2007) 9 University of Notre Dame Australia Law Review, 47-74.

2008    Review of S. Wiggins, “A Reassessment of Asherah”, with further Considerations of the Goddess, Journal of Hebrew Scriptures, 8 (2008) available online

2009    “Maronites” pp. 279-282 of The Encyclopedia of Religion in Australia, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge

2010    “Solar Mysticism in Gurdjieff and Neoplatonism”, Crossroads, an Interdisciplinary Journal for the Study of History, Philosophy, Religion and Classics, vol. 5 issue 1*

“Sugar, Ethics and Legislation”, Journal of Law and Medicine, 17, 784-799

2012   “Gurdjieff’s Sacred Dances and Movements”, Handbook of New Religions and Cultural Productions, edited Carole M. Cusack and Alex Norman, Brill, Leiden, 297-334

2013    ““The Four Ideals”: A Contemplative Exercise by Gurdjieff”, ARIES 13, 173–203

2014    “’Child Sacrifice’ without Children or Sacrifice: The Pozo Moro Relief”, Ancient Near Eastern Studies 51, 263-277

2015    Review of H. Ghantous, The Elisha-Hazael Paradigm and the King of Israel, Durham, in Ancient Near Eastern Studies, 52, 337-339

2015    “Ignatius of Antioch on the Ecclesiastical Hierarchy: Logic and Methodology”, Phronema, 30(2), 105-136

2016    “The Practice of Contemplation in the Work of Gurdjieff”, International Journal for the Study of New Religions, 6.2 (2015) 139-158

“The Institution of the Eucharist in the Gospel of John, the Didache and Ignatius of Antioch”, Universitas, 504, 5 (2016), 3-35

2017    “The Readiness is All: Gurdjieff’s Art of the ‘Preparation’”, Religion and the Arts, 21, 40-69

Review of Conception, Reception, and the Spirit: Essays in Honor of Andrew T. Lincoln, ed. J. Gordon McConville and Lloyd K. Pietersen, in the Review of Biblical Literature

(forthcoming) “Mary in Mark 3 and 6”, in Kevin Wagner (ed.) The Virgin Mary at the Beginning of the Third Millennium, Wipf & Stock, Eugene, OR

(forthcoming) “Ignatius of Antioch on the Ecclesiastical Hierarchy: Logic and Methodology”, reprinted in CMLC (Classical and Medieval Literature Criticism): Ignatius of Antioch, edited by Lawrence Trudeau, Layman Poupard (due date of publication 1 April 2017).

(forthcoming) Constantinople Notes on the Transition to Man Number 4, Beech Hill, Mount Desert