Gurdjieff: Mysticism, Contemplation, and Exercises

Someone has asked me whether my forthcoming book, Gurdjieff: Mysticism, Contemplation, and Exercises, is entirely new, or whether it is made up of my posts on this site. It is new, completely new. It is one connected thesis from beginning to end. Although some of the chapters are based on material first published as separate articles, they have been completely reworked to the extent that I did not need to seek permission to reprint – the two preparations in chapter 17 have never been published, so the one in the article still remains unique. Even the chapter on the Four Ideals has been reworked, and the entire exercise is now published (the article had most but not all of the text of the exercise.) I could elaborate more examples, but it all comes down to this being one unified and fresh volume.

According to the OUP site, the book is to ship on 1 November: here is the link


Download (PDF, 865KB)



      1. Looking forward to it.

        Ps. I’m currently reading ‘Transformation’ by J. G. Bennett, seems quite good, detailed and practical.

  1. Very much looking forward to this release. Your writing standard is top notch and I am certain this title will be of great use to those of us who are “in the work”. Best regards, -RL.

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