When I See, I Have a Possibility (16 October 1988, Pt IV)

Completing the weekend work of Sunday 16 October 1988, Mervyn said: “Mr Adie, I found that the time was expanded to a large degree. I felt as if I had time to work, it was in contrast to when I get lost and totally identified. There was one hole in the afternoon where I got lost because of a difficulty, I could really feel it at the time. And I had to work against that. I felt as if time went very quickly, I knew I was identified but I was trying to work against it. During these times when I felt freer and more time, I definitely felt a gratefulness and to be here.”

“Well, how long will this take, this stretch?” Mr Adie asked. “Will it stretch to tomorrow morning? Will it stretch around the corner? What part of me is it? He talks about Korkaptilnian thought-tapes, about the Pythoness. All these things are symbols, instructions that there is the possibility of contact. There is such a thing as communication. How did I get this thought? Is there a call and an answer?”

“I did receive a thought,” added Mervyn, “about the reading, how special conditions were provided on the holy planet purgatory. The most beautiful birds and these sort of things, and I thought of our conditions here on earth.”

“Yes,” agreed Mr Adie, “this is part of the aim here, to make conditions. This is really, why, the very first time I came here, we were struck by the possibility. Helen and I bought it for that purpose, and how fortunate it’s been, because it’s continued.”

The next question was from Abel: “This afternoon, we were putting a couple of pieces of wood together with a clamp. Mervyn said, “it’s time for a stop.” I just wanted to actually finish off. It was a moment of decision, I just pulled the two pieces of wood away, and we stopped.”

“In pulling the wood away, you made a gesture. If somebody outside had been watching you they would have wondered,” Mr Adie said.

Philomena, who was new to the work, said: “Mr Adie, this weekend I‘ve been making the effort to, try to establish what state I am in and even when I come to myself. I’ve had great deal of difficulty. I was trying to work a little faster, but ended up hurrying.”

“Well, it’s a position of work you speak of,” said Mr Adie, “it’s very good. It’s exactly what I need, because I suddenly see where I am. If I see that, I also see something of the preceding step – I’m bound to. Everything is changing you see, nothing is stationary, and what I started to see is already past. So, in seeing, I see what’s past; and that’s the moment of doing, instantaneously. That’s why it takes a long time before I’m able to do anything. Our doing is limited to an effort for being, being for inner doing. This is possible. If I can’t even see a minute or a second before or after, how can I decide to do something? In five minutes or in five seconds there will be a thousand alternative things going. So, you speak of a position of work, of great simplicity; it’s a position that I wish to be in.”

“The interesting thing is that, the very moment of observation is where the next step is possible. There is also a moment of suffering there. I don’t want to lose that. I see this working a little quicker has turned into a hurry, and at the moment I see it, because I wanted to work a little faster. So, it’s simple again, I have an objective observation, this is how it is for just a moment, and I don’t try and change anything. Actually, it’s a possibility. It is greater than interesting, a real possibility is more than interesting.”

The final question was from Rick: “Just after lunch, just walking across, suddenly I had a sort of a revelation. It was an understanding that suddenly I was in life, and it was marked by a contrast, really. Suddenly I was related to what had been given today and it really contrasted with this other sort of worry and those turmoils that are going on in me. It was a quiet dramatic contrast, and then shortly afterwards I had something similar, and it sort of formulated something like “my values are completely upside down.” Here was this absolute contact and simplicity and all this crazy world is just not part of that.”

“It is your crazy world,” said Mr Adie, “by which you are possessed. We could even say it is your chief possession.”

Rick said: “I think for the first time today I really wished to start to deal with this.”

“Well, there will be other opportunities, won’t there?” Mr Adie replied. “You now know for a fact that this feature is associated with you. It’s a fact. You saw it. So if I asked you why you should we be threatened again, you would be able to answer. It is a process you would understand. So, now you need to look for something negative to place down as a sort of stage for the possible appearance of this positive life. See, when I was in total blackness, I could not see it. But having seen it once, it now begins to bring its own sort of light, I can see its eyes glinting, so when it occurs again it won’t be totally black.”

“I think that is a good place to stop.”




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