Bennett’s Talk on Christ, and Sacred Architecture

In The Masters of Wisdom, Bennett has a chapter on Christ. At the end of this short note, there is a link to George Bennett, his son, reading it. As you will see, George recalls that the written chapter is substantially the same as a talk which his father delivered in August 1974. George’s reading of this chapter is available at the link, for free listening.

Personally, I think that what Bennett wrote in Masters may well be the most important material ever written on Christ (although I cannot accept what is said about Judas: the Gospel of St John is simply too authoritative to be set aside). I say this because Bennett shows how Gurdjieff’s and Bennett’s explanations support the Christian understanding of the Eucharistic sacrament, if only one takes “body” as meaning the higher, perhaps “celestial” body. It also ties in with the Four Ideals Exercise. If the sacred substance of the “bread of heaven” can be taken as at least analogous to the sacred substances of the Four Ideals, then Gurdjieff is closer to Christianity than might be thought.

I attach a diagram of the Djamichunatra because, as I have stated elsewhere, it is desirable that Bennett’s pupils build another Djamichunatra, and there may indeed be a magic in the dimensions of that building. I think that the mystery of the power felt in that building, even the intelligence which is manifested (sic) may be related to the mysteries of the Four Ideals and the Eucharist. There really are sacred places, and more of them are needed. I am fairly certain that they help to realise on earth some higher forces – and we know we need that as individuals, as societies, as a people.


Masters of Wisdom, chapter 4, “The Time of Christ” – read by: George Bennett

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