Errata in the Third Edition of “George Adie: A Gurdjieff Pupil in Australia”

Apologies for the errors. If anyone spots more, please let me know.


Page 20.  2nd paragraph, 2nd last line, 6th word.  For “her” read “here”

Page 21. 1st paragraph, last line, after 5th word.  “Sat out the front the Adies” should be “Sat out the front with the Adies”

Page 23. 2nd paragraph, 4th last line, 4th word.  For “net” read “next”.

Page 33. Last paragraph, 5th line, 5th word. For “This nature” read “The nature”.

Page 78 2nd last paragraph, 4th last line, for “In the 19880’s” read “In the 1980’s”

Page 90.  2nd paragraph 8th line. For “rfloated” read “floated”

Page 90. 2nd paragraph 10th line. For “pretty vanities” read “petty vanities”

Page 93 2nd paragraph 8th line. For “He could tell that something what was on my mind.” read “He could tell that something was on my mind.”

Page 95 last paragraph 7th line. For  “and thus can controlled” read “and thus can ’be controlled”.

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