George Adie: Gaining from Constructive Processes (4 March 1987 II)

This continues the meeting of 4 March 1987. Gary said: “Observing the tongue has helped me see a lot of other things, my teeth, my mouth, my jaws, my eyes. In watching over the week, there were a few conclusions, but the main one is that I am tense a lot of the time. There are dreams and things, but my tongue is always hard pressed against something.”

“That is a good simple observation: you see that tongue was tense,” replied Mr Adie. “So now were finding out a little bit about what it means to be tense. If I just relax that amount, it’s going to affect everything. But I never thought of that. I thought I could relax without any sense of what the tongue is doing, without any sense of smell, without seeing anything.”

“If I see something, where is the room for fury? You can’t be furious and see anything. Think. Fifteen years is a long time. This has great value for you. You have been trying for a long time, and suddenly you find a way: that means something. I am not going to let that go easily. I am not going to lose it easily. This is something that you wish.”

“I have to have many things simultaneously. I have to work through the body. Of course we live in our body: our blood, our breath is life of the body, isn’t it? Our time on earth is over when the body dies. What happens to the remains is the big question.”

Gary continued: “Often when I think of coming to the Work and asking a question, I go tense. I notice that my tongue immediately goes to the top. I think there might be a guilt feeling there.”

Mr Adie agreed: “There’s a habit there, a powerful habit. Go on now studying this question. Aim to solve it. See what it connects with. Everything is connected. All I know is one little thing, and if it is not related then it means I know nothing. Our work is relativity, which means I make a connection with everything. If you’re in a spot, and really right up against it, just to be able to relax the tongue a little could make a difference.”

“I need exactly that,” said Gary, who added that he had been getting immersed in a good interesting job which presents lots of problems.

“If you don’t really understand your aim, you won’t succeed in extracting yourself from this immersion. How can you hit the aim if you don’t know what it is? It is rather difficult isn’t it? Then there is near aim and far aim, and intermediate aim. If I don’t mount this step, I can’t mount the one after it, and so perhaps I never get over there, because I wouldn’t take just the one small step in front of me. So I begin to link moments, I begin to stretch the present a little bit, I realise the successiveness in life. There is a successiveness in life on earth under the sun for man. But for higher thought and for higher emotion, and for more developed man, time is different, until you get to omnipresent platforms. Everywhere simultaneously. So the question of time is eliminated. It is everywhere: past, present, future. It is the eternal sixth dimension: three dimension of space, and three dimensions of time. The question of octaves, and of each note contains another octave. If you have any experience that touches that at all, it is enormously illuminating. It is an immediate proof of finer time.”

The next exchange was with Calama, who said that the idea last Wednesday of transforming negative emotion into positive touched her, and she wrote it down. Even then, she said, she wondered how long it would last. By Saturday, it no longer moved her. That made her wonder what her state really was.

“Well it is that which showed you your state, or at least something about it,” replied Mr Adie. “But what is more, is that at that moment you had within your hands the means of changing your state. If you had just at that moment observed, relaxed yourself, and remained present, then those words would have had meaning for you. If you made such an effort you may have found exactly that: but you see it depends on being prepared to wait, and then the meaning will be apparent in your feeling as well. But for that I have to be prepared not to make a manifestation. As well as manifesting, there are times when I need to refrain from manifesting, which is not at all the same as doing nothing.”

“There’s a question here: what is being called in you? Where is your centre of gravity? Centre of gravity? I am all over the place, but I take some air, and I wait, and it begins to come back. There is a centre of gravity in the body. Something higher is called. I begin to receive corresponding finer impressions. This is very practical.”

Calama said that she had been able to relax her tongue on occasions.

“So I find that the posture and state of tension in the tongue corresponds to an inner state. In such a trivial way, my force of life flows out. So what I have to gain by not being subject to negative emotion and those negative processes is good: I can gain from constructive processes. You see, there are processes of building up, just as there are destructive processes. It’s like the difference between building a house and burning a house. You start to burn it, and once you’ve lit a match to the curtains you have no more effort to make: it’s done. it’s going to consume everything. But construction requires effort after effort, with intention. The other can finish – no need for any more intention, it’s on. That is the law. That is how it is.”

“Then, if we were really observing better, we would observe a series of crises. At the moment, we don’t really notice them. But at every moment there is, in a sense, a crisis. If we could see this, we could use the force which is there. Everything is a manifestation of force. Everything is moving.”

Joseph Azize, 22 April 2018

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