“Help for the Dead,” MindMatters

Well, I was recently interviewed by the MindMatters team. They asked some rather searching questions about Gurdjieff’s ideas, and his practices concerning death and help for the deceased. I have dealt with that exercise, or rather series of exercises, here: http://www.josephazize.com/2021/09/14/gurdjieffs-help-for-the-deceasedexercise/

I was impressed by the team: they understood the significance of this topic, and never descended into mere curiosity.




  1. From your 2020 piece on George Mountford Adie

    >>>”When someone I loved had died suddenly, I telephoned him. He said to me: “No, nothing that has been created in the universe can ever be destroyed. He still exists. But perhaps he is passive. So there’s a question: you are still connected to him, but what is he connected to in you—someone becoming more conscious or what?”<<<<

    JGB spoke of the distinctions between the post-death psychic planes and the more timeless spiritual realities in regard to people's identities/individualities…and yes, there's so much about this in the first series as well. In my own minimal knowledge/understanding, this is also well covered in the Tibetan Book of the Dead and likely in many other traditions/teachings of which I know nothing much. What is, is. Formulations differ based on unique existential factors. Still, the reality remains primary/prior to any verbal expression. Yet, we do have these *exercises* that are, perhaps, like holographic film that can be reconstituted, to some degree, in a new present moment when the right kind/quality/quantity of light is present.

    I have just some hours ago been informed of the death of an old friend…and *coincidentally* somehow came across a youtube recommendation that I watch the video of your interview…and subsequent googling/reading. Will leave it there, for now, thank you Mr. Azize.

  2. This was a wonderful and powerful interview. Thank you Fr. Joseph. I have since purchased the book but I misunderstood something. I assumed the article you published would be included in the book. It is not an inexpensive book by any means and having said that, I find a plethora of information that is so beautiful. Please remind us all here where we purchase the article?

    With prayers and thanks;
    Cindy Scott

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