The Critical Importance of Feeling, (George Adie, 8 March 1988, pt II)


Luke:   Last week, several people talked about how they were in a very black state. I felt it was my question was very much as well. What you said was very helpful and started me on a new effort.

Mr Adie:    I need the idea. I need the icon. If I place it there before me, I want to put there with an impulse of feeling. I can’t put it there with my head only.

Luke:    When I came on Saturday I still very much in this state. But by the end of the day, I had received a great deal and during I had realised that I had to use three centres. And that transformed me, really.

Mr Adie:    Everything changes, at once, without any effort, everything just changes.

Luke:   So, I really left on Saturday evening with a really good state with a lot of the rubbish having fallen off. On Sunday I got another shock which normally would off knock me for six, Someone I’m very fond of came and told me how they felt for me which was far less that I felt for her. She did it in a very compassionate feeling way so, but nevertheless, it was a …

Mr Adie:  A disappointment. 

Luke:    Yes. And yet, since then my feelings for her haven’t changed at all. I don’t in any way blame her or …

Mr Adie:   Resent.

Luke:   Resent what she said at all. It made me look at myself as to why I wouldn’t shape up in her eyes so to speak. And that’s actually brought new ideas. It gave me something else to work on myself.

Mr Adie: This is interesting because this is something that really affects your feelings, your emotions. They are being acted upon, so I am in a more emotional state. I am churned up, then any thinking that I might have at that time is reinforced, it’s amplified it’s much richer. Instead of only being able to think  mathematically – plus and minus – there’s perfume, there’s touch, there’s feeling; so my thought is quite different and richer.

Well, it’s a big confirmation that in order to approach reality and the kind of state we need, we must have feeling, we must be alive, and we must have sensation. The question now, is how can I remember the essence of that and acknowledge and use it? I shan’t be able to use it for ordinary gain, I can only can use it for work, for my work to be. So, you’re given something extremely valuable. Valuable because it depends upon that aspect, my inner aspect. I listen to my voice for instance, before I do something I may pause for a fraction. If it’s there, there’s room for something to take part, if it’s not, it then becomes an automatic gesture.

Being emanates. There are vibrations going on all the time. Being has vibrations and also has emanations. Living up here with animals and birds, it’s very evident: the response in animals to one’s state of feeling or not feeling, present or not present. They recognise when you’re busy and they don’t waste much time if you’re busy. They take a look, no there’s nothing going today, and they go off looking elsewhere. It doesn’t mean to say they love you, but they’ve come looking for a bit of food, and they see from your manner that the food is not for them. So, they are responsive to posture, to speed and gesture, and so on.

Luke:   The thing that stuck me the most about the last two days, is that everything seems so much lighter and this awful sort of black burden that I was carrying around with me is just gone. I think I’m beginning to understand about unnecessary suffering and intentional suffering. 

Mr Adie:    They are also different; and they have something in common. They are suffering, suffering by intention means a plan. It’s pretty rare to suffer by intention. Providing I don’t set it too high, it can be real, I can take a small job and if I do it when I’m interested in some other thing, that’s going to pain me a bit. Even sacrificing reading the paper is something. If I make a plan to not to read it for an hour, or not to read it until the following day or something, it gives me something if I connect it with why I am doing it. Of course, I get that reward at once, even if I fail  half way through, I’m on target to get the reward already. This why I said: “Behold I come quickly,” as quick as that, before you’ve completed, you started receiving. Now I can’t understand that saying unless I had this experience. All these sayings are full of meaning.

Luke:  I’m trying to find things to bring to myself during the day. I’m trying to use two things, one is unnecessary suffering such as when I become critical or negative. I’m also trying to use awareness of time, if I’m wasting time or just letting a job roll on and not. I’m a bit concerned that I’ve not got quite sharp enough focus.

Mr Adie:   I forget that life is given to me for a limited time. How can I waste it? Yet I forget. This is my given life, and I’ve forgotten about it. I’m just drooling it away. So, I need that reminder. How can I make it sharper? Only by having some plan that will hurt me in a way to a certain extent. It doesn’t mean I got to kill myself all the time but some definite thing that does not please some idiot “I” or habit or anything. After all, it’s not going to kill me, so I might as well do it. Supposing I go without a meal, what? Do I think: “Oh dear, how can I go without my cup of tea?” You won’t die, you’ll probably get several reminders from it. A good meal and you leave the last three mouthfuls. I suggest the last three: it seems a terrific loss. Good. Many things are becoming connected.   

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  1. “Some definite thing that does not please some idiot ‘I’ or habit”… thank you for this shock! This wording was perfect to sober my thinking! THANK YOU!

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