George Adie, 5 March 1989, Words and Levels

This continues the Sunday of 5 March 1989. As posted previously, the morning address touched on the question of the “Word.”

At lunch, Bruce said: “I’ve been thinking a lot about the Word. I found it very significant what was said this morning about the word. It has been an experience of mine over the last couple of years. I’ve found it very easy to turn flies into elephants.”

“Yes, yes certainly it is.”

“The question that I have is about the word. In the beginning was The Word,” continued Bruce. “The way I see it, words are vibrations and have some meaning on that level. But also, they have another, a language meaning, if you’re able to understand that language.”

“Every level has its language using the same words,” said Mr Adie. “Even the lowest level has words, although they’re generally converted into swear words on the lowest level. The sacred words become swear words. “Bloody Mary,” and all this you see. Yet, it is a high thing.”

“What’s the link between the languages?” asked Bruce. “If there are words that mean the same thing expressed in different languages, what is the link between them?”

“A word has many features,” said Mr Adie, “But the meaning takes on different aspects when taken on a different level, and in a different context. One word, a word on a certain level is very quickly connected with other words of the same kind on the same level. So, one of the features of a word on a higher level is that it is related to many other words. So, if you think of, if you happen to receive the impression of a word on a higher level, you’ll find that there are other words very near it, it rarely stands isolated. It quickly connects with other words, interdependent. “Freedom” and “choice” two important words. If you have no freedom, you have no choice. If you have the word “choice” then you have to have freedom in order for choice to make any sense. So, there’s two words very closely connected, quite different. And you can’t really understand “choice” without the word “freedom,” , and so on and so forth. Then, really, you can’t understand any word on a higher level without a certain presence because the word refers to you. It expands, it expands this way, it expands this way, and this way, has those dimensions, and dimensions expand.”

“You see in the All and Everything here is a reference to Omnipresent Platform. Platform Omni-Present. It’s a sort of super concept like a magical carpet, It’s a platform which moves at such speed that it is present everywhere. This is the highest mind of all. It moves but it remains stationary. There is no contradiction: this instant embodies eternity. The speed of that level is such that it is instant everywhere, so time disappears and eternity takes the place of time.

“It’s mystic, and it depends upon your state. What understanding can there be if you are not clear. If you’re preoccupied with your business, you’re not going to have very clear thought on this subject. If you’re worried about something else, that you lost something, or if you’re identified with anything, you’re not going to have a very good chance of thinking about the words we’re speaking of. A worried mind won’t be attuned to it, it will be unstable. One has to have a balance, a knowledge of the body, and a knowledge of the head because it’s a head process; but for fulfilment the emotional, the feeling, has to be there, because to think is an act – but what kind of an act?

That would be a very, very strange act. The act is an act of Being in which connections between relative words of the same density takes place. It takes place because of my Being. That’s something which touches what you were thinking about, does it?

Bruce replied: “Yes, very much so, I think I can see the interrelationship between the vibrations, the density of the words being used.”

“So, the essence of the requirement for us is our state,” added Mr Adie, “that we have a certain clarity of mind, we have a certain awareness of our body, and we have a certain feeling which is undoubted, we feel. And then what is going on around? As I said it was, our work is mystic. Our work is miraculous, it’s on a higher level, it’s also on this level too.”

“It’s coming back,” said Bruce, “to the trinity you talked about earlier. The Word the feeling, the mind, the feeling.”

“Yes, that’s right. Good. But many things are to be learned about our life, after all we do live on the earth under the sun, we manifest here. Work is, to use an ordinary word, work is done; we build houses, we do things, we walk, we carry, and all these things can be very badly done or very well done, and we do them as is said.”

“So, what is my state relative to that work which is obtained from me? Is it obtained because I’m hooked by the nose, or is it because I have some kind of choice and I direct my attention? If I’m identified, I’m just hooked, I go through the motions and there it is. If I’m not identified then I look and see. Of course, there are many degrees between, between those two extremes. I’m glad you brought that because right to the beginning we need the mystic; we need the mysticism right from the very start.”

“See when Helen and I first went to Paris we had been something like nine or ten years with Mr Ouspensky. Now I speak for myself. When I got to Paris, I found that what we’d been talking about with Mr Ouspensky, in Paris was actually taking place. I found afterwards that to a certain extent it also had been taking place, but only very, very moderate. Would you agree with that?”

“Hmm. Hmm.”   

“The sooner we touch the mystic side the better. We could pick up stones better, make foundations better.”

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