George Adie: Third Edition

The third edition of Mr Adie’s book is now available through Amazon.

This volume has all the textual material from the first two editions (there was considerable overlap, but each volume had material the other did not). I remain grateful to Sophia Wellbeloved and James Evans for publishing the first and second editions respectively.

I have also made a few updates: not too many, just a few. The most important addition is perhaps the diagram of the background to the Four Ideals Exercise which Mr Adie drew, in 1948 or 1949 at the Hotel Belfast in Paris.

On the back cover is a full colour portrait of Mr Adie at his breakfast table, with eyes closed. In the forepapers is a black white of him, taken at the same photo shoot, but with his eyes open, and looking at the camera. It seems clear that these were taken deliberately, so that there would be first class record of Mr Adie remembering himself, in the collected state. These two photographs alone are an ongoing teaching. There are other photographs:

viii An elderly Mrs Adie at the piano

xxvii A photograph of Gurdjieff, with a searching gaze, sent to me by Jean de Pomereu, son of Bobby de Pomereu, a personal pupil of Gurdjieff. I am most grateful for this photo, unique so far as I know. May the Count de Pomereu attain to the Kingdom of Heaven.

12 Gurdjieff’s mother.

26 Two photographs from Mrs Adie’s Movements classes at Newport in the 1970s.

45 The Four Ideals diagram.

54 Two photographs: a young Mr Adie and a middle-aged Mr and Mrs Adie in an informal pose.

60 Mme Sophia Ouspensky.

88 Mme de Salzmann.

102 The Small Studio at Newport, with the three-dimensional Yin and Yang symbol, and Seal of Solomon.

124 A diagram Mr Adie made of the centres and their functions, and a note he wrote on “Real I.”

130 Mr Adie with a gardening team at Newport.

170 Mr Adie watching two women cleaning a window to be installed in the Large Studio. His posture is remarkable: utterly upright, but bending his head forward to see. Clearly awake in his body.

252 Handwritten notes by Mr Adie, made on an envelope, on what it is to be a sane man. I rather think that inspiration struck him and he used the first paper at hand, and then, thankfully, retained it.

267 The four pages of a short letter from J.G. Bennett to Mr Adie, 20 May 1950.

Typographical errors

I have been alerted of these errors:

Page 20.  2nd paragraph, 2nd last line, 6th word.  “her” should be “here”

Page 21. 1st paragraph, last line, after 5th word.  Should be “sat out the front with the Adies”

Page 23. 2nd paragraph, 4th last line, 4th word. “net” should be “next”.

Page 33. Last paragraph, 5th line, 5th word. “This” should be “The”.

If anyone spots further errors, let me know.


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