George Adie on Centralising my Force (Friday 19 July 1985, Pt I)

This is from the meeting of Friday 19 July 1985. It should have been held on the Wednesday, but Mr Adie had probably been ill (you can hear him coughing more than usual on the recording.) The first question was from Gary.  He said that on Thursday of last week he noticed that underneath his manifestations there was something, “that was, it is as though I bumped into it by accident. It was something that was so certain of itself, so sure it was right about things and so superior, that it really didn’t need to make any noise about it. And it was though as if it’s been there all the time until all the other noise finally quietened down, I simply I didn’t see it there. I tried to come close to that as I can, and then it seems to be very elusive”.

What is the nature of it: was is your attitude to it?” Mr Adie asked. “How do you understand it, or what do you think it represents? It’s a certain kind of experience that you has, but what kind? Is it inclusive, or does it cut you off?”

It varies, sometimes it includes a great many things.”

Has it got a place?”

“Yes, it’s in me.”

 “Yes, but where? Is it undesirable, or desirable, or uncertain? None of these things, or all these things?”

I’m not clear which one you’re referring to.”

This unexpected certainty,” Mr Adie replied: “this unexpected assertion that lies underneath: what is the nature of it?”

It certainly seems to be undesirable.”

But you’re not sure, and you need to be very sure, don’t you?”

At the time I experienced it very clearly it was manifesting a criticism, but not in the way that I have been accustomed to seeing. It was much more subtle than before.”

But was it manifesting?” Mr Adie asked. There is quite a silence on the recording, until Mr Adie asked another question: “Or was it a wholly an inner experience?”

I’m not completely certain.”

You have to be, because you don’t know yet. You don’t know about it, it may be mixed, it may not be undesirable. The important thing obviously is to continue to be aware of it and understand it. If it takes you deeper, it’s very valuable isn’t it?”

Gary agreed:It definitely was deeper inside.”

And if it takes you deeper, can it be there now? Has it got to have some external focus?”

Again, there was a long pause, and then Mr Adie spoke once more: “See, I have no words for an inner event. I need to savour it. I need to ascertain now its nature.”

Gary then added: Part of what I really failed to express was, before the meeting when I was trying to formulate somehow, I realised I needed to collect much finer material inside me to try and come to this. That was part of the difficulty, trying to do that.”

But still, if I’m still enough, it’s there,” said Mr Adie. “Everything that is, is there, in some way. We get lost in it, but it has been, and it is. So it only requires me to be humble, still enough and open enough, and whole enough, and let it surface for me a little.”

Again, there was a pause, which marked, I think, the depth of this exchange. Once more Mr Adie spoke: “So, at the moment you have to say it’s desirable – anything unknown is desirable. If I recognise it as uncertain it’s desirable to be there. It is there, it can be there, therefore I have to be there too. You understand it like that?”


I want to just pause there a moment myself: in this exchange, Gary was able to see that something which made him uneasy and which he had initially been sure was undesirable, was in fact valuable if he had an aim of becoming conscious, because it is just this sort of feature which stops him from being conscious. The next question was from Riley.

Mr Adie, I got a great deal from a recent work weekend, where the question was, who benefited from my work? You also spoke about our perceiving the needs of others. It seemed to mean at the time that I could really see my total lack of awareness for other people, it felt like almost a liberation.”

You felt that it was a possible contact?”

For example, it felt that I did not have to, in my office, job satisfy my own impossible demands. That I could do it in relation to what was required with the situation with other people. But it is gone a little, it is gone, and I want to try and formulate ways.”

It isn’t absolutely gone”, said Mr Adie. “It’s something that you recognise that is valuable. You’ll have to do your best to put yourself in that state where it could be perceived again. It’s there, nothing is ever lost, everything is there forever, but we are not.”

“So, with that view it helps me to pull my forces to myself, to direct my attention and begin to direct it and not let it to go out about everything. I have to come in. See, if I don’t come integrated, I don’t become more connected, in a way, protected, then there is nothing with the capacity to manifest, it just gets pulled out and shredded and dissipated by any kind of force around. Either inner thing or from outer.”

“Here is something that you wish to remember as a possibility: to recognise, so, you use everything that you’ve heard to try and not go out and forget this very useful exercise that you’ve had of having an envelope, and not letting your thought go outside that. Then centralising your force, the air, and then what you need could maybe come.”

“There was a life there and now you find that it’s diminished, you want the life back. You have to clear the way from all those things which stand in the way in which you’re quite are unaware of it, and couldn’t quite ever be aware of it because the density is so much different. Is all that very clear?”


Well now it’s a practical work, you see. Now, you see the valuable of a real preparation, the possibility. You want something, you know what you’re talking about to some extent, and if you’re prepared to work for it then, nothing is ever exactly what you expect, but no effort is wasted and if you make genuine effort, you will gain from it. That will be a very big thing because you’re beginning to, in that case, to operate from some kind of point which has some choice, some control, some force.”

Joseph Azize, 21 July 2019

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